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Recoil Assembly 98743241

Recoil Assembly 98743241

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Complete replacement recoil - Professional Version.

Made of tough steel for a long life. Extra strong return spring, easy-grip handle and extra long rope for easy starting. Buy now and get a free Connector cup!

Generator Guru says:

If the recoil wheel has broken on the original, then it is advisable to check the oil level and valve settings.

As an engine settles in, the valve clearances can change. When the valve settings are off, it creates a higher compression which makes the engine harder to start and adds extra pressure to the Recoil parts.

Valve settings can be found in our 'Cylinder Head Parts' listings, (if available for your generator,) along with a video to show you how to do the job! If there is too much oil in the engine it will also change the

compression ratio. Remove any excess oil.

If you oil the rope with petroleum jelly it will stop the rope from fraying.

**Colour may vary (picture for reference only)                                               *compatible part