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Piston Assembly inc Rings 23476956

Piston Assembly inc Rings 23476956

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Replacement Piston Head complete with Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pin and Circlips. Made from toughened cast Aluminium.

Generator Guru says:

Be sure to investigate the reason you are changing the piston. This could be due to:

  • The valve clearances being out. Inspect the valves for damage and replace if necessary. (If you need the Valve settings please see "Cylinder Head Parts" as the settings are listed here for each unit.)
  • Damage to the Con Rod. Inspect for damage and replace parts if necessary.
  • Low oil preventing sufficient lubrication to the piston and rings. If the engine did not shut down when oil was low then replace the Oil Sensor CDI, (if applicable for your unit.)
  • Wrong Oil. Using the wrong thickness or type of Oil can block, increase the pressure on and break the Piston Rings.
  • Using the wrong Spark Plug. If a longer spark plug is used than the engine is designed for, this can punch a hole in the Piston Head and using a Spark Plug with the wrong heat rating can scorch and damage the Piston Head and Piston Rings.

If there is damage to the Cylinder Block, such as deep scrapes from the damaged piston, you will also need to replace this. (Please contact us if you require a new Cylinder Block and cannot find it on your equipment listing.)

Hint: When replacing the piston, first warm it in your hands, or let it sit in a warm area. This will allow you to insert it into the cylinder head much easier.

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