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How to change a Petcock - video


We have released a video to show you the step by step how to replace your Fuel Valve Petcock. With correct procedures and what to look out for when changing the generator part. 

Check out our website or YouTube channel for other Portable Generator maintenance and repair procedure videos. If you need further help contact us and an engineer will be happy to assist you. We sell petcocks and parts for 1000's of generator models.

Your site is by far better than any other, with advice right on the parts page...

"Your site is by far better than any other, with advice right on the parts page telling me the issues I might have if it the part is bad." JeffThanks for the feedback Jeff! We try to give our customers the information they need on as many of the parts pages as we can. These [...]

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How To Use and Care For A Power Generator

Great advice from the Weather Channel on purchasing and running a generator. Every generator owner should watch this video. It will keep you safe and prolong the life of your generator.Need parts or help on repairing your portable generator? We are always happy to help!

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79% of all CO fatalities are associated with generators

Do not run generators indoors or in garages etc attached to houses or buildings. Only run outdoors to prevent CO poisoning. See what ESFI has to say..

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Are you worried your Generator is running too fast or slow?

Engines can speed up slightly as they run in. They can also slow down slightly if they need an oil change. If your generator has a voltmeter this is more obvious by the voltage output reading being a bit high or low. If the engine is slow, and needs a service, the voltage will be [...]

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Generator Servicing is so very important. Let us tell you why...

Do not ignore your Generator Service timeline. If you do not service your generator on time you can cause an expensive repair.Air filters remove dust from the air witch can cause damage to the Cylinder Head parts.Old oil gets thick and hold metal shaving from your engine. It can use more fuel to run, and can damage [...]

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​Heavy-duty Outdoor Generator & Machinery Covers now in stock!

Heavy-duty Outdoor Generator & Machinery Covers now in stock! Available in 3 sizes, manufactured with 300 D Polyester, this cover is made to last in all elements, preventing rain and weather from degrading your equipment.We have discounts of 25% - 50% off if you buy more than one!

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The Easy way to test your Generator Alternator on a Brushed AVR unit

We have now had over 500,000 views of our AVR Generator testing video! Years ago, we discovered an easier way to test your portable generator's alternator and attachments! So, we made this video a few years ago to share the discovery. This testing procedure means that you do not need to know the Ohms for [...]

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A Working Generator Voltmeter is Essential

Having a fully operational Voltmeter on your Generator is essential. Your voltmeter is an early warning system and can indicate problems your generator might have. If the voltage is low: 1. Give the generator a service. Old oil may have thickened slowing the engine and putting a strain on the [...]

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What our customers say about us.

Don't you love when a customer leaves a review like this!: "After all the repair shops I contacted told me they would not repair my generator because the manufacturer was too unknown (and Chinese). I found website. They had every manufacturer and every part. The process was easy. The shipment was on-time. The part [...]

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