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Heavy Duty Lock with Secure Hasp for Vehicles and Workshops

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Heavy Duty Lock with a Forever Guarantee.


  • Corrosion-resistant padlock with 6-pin brass barrel lock and chrome-plated 2-part shrouded steel hasp.
  • Pick-resistant lock.
  • Includes 3 brass keys.
  • Heavy duty secondary level locking device for vans, trucks and other vehicles as well as warehouse and workshop doors.
  • Can be fitted to normal shutting doors as well as Vertical and sideways-sliding doors.
  • Effective anti-theft device and burglar deterrent. Once locked, thieves are unable to get to the shackle or Hasp.
  • Manufacturers Guarantee: Forever



Inner lock size (Dia x H): 73 x 38mm.

Total size (L x W x H): 205 x 115 x 46mm.

Weight: 2.045kg


Warehouse Lock

Van Lock