Generator Capacitor 22UF +/-5% Dry-Cell Series

Generator Capacitor 22UF +/-5% Dry-Cell Series

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High specification Capacitor with Polypropylene (self-extinguishing) fire protection. Can be used as a 2 or 4 tab connection.

Generator Guru says: 

The Capacitor is essential to your Generator producing electricity. It is required to excite the Alternator windings and reduce voltage surges. Capacitors should last the lifetime of the generator, but can burn out if any of the following occur:  

  • Generator user has tried to draw more power than the Generator can produce.
  • A surge has happened on equipment and the capacitor has blown to protect the Alternator.
  • The Capacitor is made of Paper cells and the paper has degraded. (Usually pre 1998 generators.)
  • The Alternator has got damp and electricity has surged across the windings. (Dry out before running.) 

 NOTE: Do not use this type of Generator with sensitive equipment (Computers, LCD TV, Caravan Charging systems and anything with a computer chip) unless you have an in-line "Surge Protector." These generators are designed to run power tools and the electricity output is not controlled. This can result in damaging your equipment.

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    Generator Capacitor

    Posted by Dan on 5th Apr 2018

    The capacitor on my Honda portable generator failed of all times while I used it during a power outage. I live in the USA and no one stocked the Italian made capacitor on this generator wow! Lucky for me I came across the Guru Generator and they had the Capacitor 22UF +/-5% Dry-Cell Series I needed. It was an easy process to order, it made it through Customs with no problem and I got it within a weeks time. Installed it and back in business. Great site, love the videos. Thanks to the Guru for being there in my time of need. Highly recommend them for parts or even just an educational lesson!