Generator Capacitor 22uf +/5%+/5% CBB61 CBB60 Half Moon

Generator Capacitor 22uf +/-5% CBB61 CBB60 Half Moon

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High specification Capacitor.

Generator Guru says: 

It is common for the capacitor on a generator to test as working correctly, but then fail when the higher voltages are applied to it by the alternator. It is advisable to always change your Generator Capacitor if the voltage changes (and the engine is normal speed.) This causes 99% of the problems with the electricity output on brushless generators and can damage your alternator if it completely fails, sending a high voltage through the alternator. This could burn out the windings and result in a very expensive replacement being required.

The Capacitor is essential to your Generator producing electricity. It is required to excite the Alternator windings and reduce voltage surges. Capacitors should last the lifetime of the generator, but can burn out or be damaged if any of the following occur: 

  • Generator user has tried to draw more power than the Generator can produce.
  • A surge has happened on equipment and the capacitor has blown to protect the Alternator.
  • The Capacitor is made of Paper cells and has degraded. (Usually found on Chinese built generators.)

See our video below on testing procedure.

 *Compatible Part


2 Reviews

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    When no one in the states can, Generator Guru in the UK can and did

    Posted by Tim Overstreet on 16th Apr 2018

    Excellent info shared on how to diagnose. Great service, perfect fit. Go to spot for any future concerns with my generators.

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    My Generator got excited with the Guru

    Posted by Jeff Blehschmidt on 2nd May 2017

    Trouble shot with help of the Guru,
    Entered into chat room with the Guru,
    Guru pointed out the part required to repair,
    Part shipped, received and installed easily!
    Fired generator up and whola! Problem fixed and solved with the Guru!
    Folks, look nowhere else but the Guru for all your generator problems.