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Coronavirus – How we are Protecting our Customers

With recent events we understand that some customers might be worried. We have taken many measures to ensure any parts we hold are safe. This is how we are protecting you:

1)      Being the leader in portable Generator Parts is an advantage: We buy in bulk so all stock we have in our warehouses has been shipped first to our main warehouse via cargo ships. This process takes over 30 days from the goods being loaded into containers to the stock being delivered to us. In addition, we have a 3-day checking in and quality control process and then stock is distributed to our other shipping warehouses where appropriate. The CDC and other agencies have reliably informed us that the Coronavirus is unable to survive this amount of time and still be contagious.

2)      Pre-Order items that we would normally get express for customers will be delayed: Some items on a Pre-order status might previously have been couriered to us. At this time, we have suspended these express shipments until we can get quarantine measures in place. Where possible, we will get these items by cargo ship which might cause a delay, but as stated above, will automatically ensure the items have been quarantined.

3)      We have implemented extra Cleaning and Hand Washing regimes within all our departments. 

4)      We have asked all staff who can, to work from home.

5)      We are keeping abreast of the advice released by the WHO and Government. We will be continuously reviewing our policies to suit this advice, and where advised, take extra precautions.

Please be aware we are expecting long delays to our supply chain in the coming months. We would advise, if you need a part, to buy it now. We cannot guarantee when we will be restocking. We will be working on a first-come-first-served basis. (Any Pre-orders for goods will be priority when stock arrives.)

Wishing everyone good health.

Kind regards,

The Generator Guru Team


Published: 24th March 2020