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Carb Carburetor 95270520 with LPG Regulator (Tri Fuel Conversion Kit)

Carb Carburetor with LPG Regulator (Tri Fuel Conversion Kit) 95270520

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Tri-Fuel Carburettor with LPG Regulator

*New and Improved with Auto-switching technology*

This clever product can allow you to run your equipment on Gasoline, Natural Gas/Butane and Propane.

This model automatically switches between gasoline and the LPG fuel. Just turn on the LPG supply and turn off your Gasoline petcock. Once the gas has run out of the carb the unit will automatically switch to your LPG supply (and vice versa.)

Now improved for easier fitting and better fuel efficiency. Designed to provide stable performance whichever fuel you use. Built with an aluminium casing for long life. It is so easy to fit, all you need to do is replace your existing carb and insulator for this Tri-Fuel Carb.

The kit includes:

  • Carb
  • Regulator
  • Hose between carb and regulator
  • Detailed fitting instructions
  • Engine Insulator


*Please note: This carb does not include an LPG Bottle Connector as these can vary by location and fuel type. 

This carb does not include the LPG Hose from the carb to the LPG bottle connector as the length you require may vary due to your set-up requirements. You can buy the standard length hose separately on this page. Alternatively, both bottle connectors and various length hoses are available from your local BBQ specialist, LPG bottle dealer or some large Hardware stores.


Generator Guru says:

Running on LPG could save you a lot of money as it is about half the running cost of Gasoline Petrol. It also allows prolonged storage of the fuel, reduces wear on the engine, and reduces the weight of the unit as it is effectively a "detachable fuel tank."

It is clean burning which makes it an ideal choice when running in populated areas, and reduces the carbon build-up in your engine. Many trades are required to use LPG as it conforms to local fire and exhaust regulations.

When using LPG gas, Butane is the most common in temperate conditions. Propane and Natural Gas can have advantages if you regularly run your generator in temperatures -2°c/28°f or below, due to the Propane having a lower boiling temperature than Butane, this is what allows Propane to stay in gas form at lower temperatures. This can make it more suitable for those in the far North, or people who only use their Generators for back-up power in the very cold winter weather. This characteristic does make Propane less suitable in hot climates, as Propane burns hotter than Butane, heating your engine up just that little more. The bottle connectors are different, so if you switch between the two, you will need to purchase the correct connectors for your bottles.

While using the generator with Gasoline, please remember, modern fuels have ethanol added. Ethanol is a cleaning agent used to "fill out" fuel and to reduce harmful emissions. The concentration of ethanol added to liquid fuel can damage your carb if left for any length of time. Usually leaving a slimy residue in the bottom of the carb bowl, damaging seals and clogging the workings within the carb, preventing it from mixing the air and fuel correctly. Also, fuel that is left to evaporate leaves a difficult to see film over the internals of the carburettor and jets and needs a thorough clean to remove. If this is why you are replacing the carb and plan to continue to use gasoline in your engine, we also suggest you purchase a new Fuel Tank Strainer and inline Fuel Filter when replacing this product.

With gasoline use, always drain your carb before prolonged storage. With LPG use, you will also be required to turn off the LPG supply when not in use. Carbs are not air-tight and will allow your LPG fuel to escape when the engine is not running. Not only is this expensive, but it creates a fire risk too. 

LPG Carbs are not suitable for high altitude above 4000ft.

*Compatible Part

1 Review

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    LPG Regulator Duel Fuel Coonversion Kit

    Posted by Michael Williams on 24th Nov 2018

    This product is by far the smartest thing that anybody can perchase to keep their running costs way down, l was amazed at how simple it is to put strait on to my generator you just have to take off the air filter, carby then bolt the conversion kit strait on, put back the air filter then off you go, if you own a generator wheather work or recreational this little guy is a must have you would be silly not to get one, you will be kicking yourself later when you find out how economical it is, so what are you waiting for ?