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Breaker Switch 95645241

Breaker Switch 95645241

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Replacement Generator Breaker Switch. A Circuit Breaker will protect you and your equipment from any electrical surges that might occur.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This Generator was manufactured with different control panels. Please check fitting hole before ordering. 

Generator Guru says:

This protects your outlets and equipment from surges out of the alternator. You will know if this has failed if operating the breaker switch does not cut off the power supply or the breaker constantly trips for no apparent reason.

If the breaker is tripping for no apparent reason, then it may be worth watching our videos and making sure that the output from the alternator end is not too high before purchasing. Please see video under "Repair Advice Videos" tab on the top right and follow the video for your type of generator.

DO NOT REPLACE USING A HOME/COMMERCIAL BREAKER ON YOUR GENERATOR. These are not the same as main stream breakers. If you fit a home/commercial breaker it will not protect you, your equipment or your generator from electrical surges. You must buy a "Generator Breaker" to be protected.

*Compatible Part