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AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 2-1C Series

AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 2-1C Series

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An Automatic Voltage Regulator built to the highest standards, with copper bushing that provides long life and reduction to the wear and tear experienced during the day-to-day operation of your Generator. We only sell "Grade A" AVRs which are tested prior to dispatch. 

Generator Guru Says:

The AVR is essential to your Generator producing electricity. It is required to excite the Alternator windings and reduce voltage surges. An AVR should last for a minimum of 5000 hours, but can burn out if any of the following occur: 

  • Generator user has tried to draw more power than the Generator can produce.
  • A surge has happened on equipment the generator was running.
  • A surge has happened within the generator alternator.
  • The Alternator has got damp and electricity has surged across the windings. 

To pin-point the reason your AVR has blown please see our video below for testing procedures.

Please Note: Not all AVR's are the same (though many look similar). You must match the right AVR to your Generator.  Please include any codes written on the AVR in the order notes.

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