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A Cover for your Generator (Outdoors) 17921

A Cover for your Generator (Outdoors) 17921

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An outdoor storage cover to protect your Generator from the elements. Manufactured with 300 D Polyester, this cover is made to last in all elements, preventing rain and weather from degrading your equipment. The cover is very thick and comes with a draw-string tie to prevent the cover from moving due to wind and rain. Can also be used as an indoor cover to prevent dust and damage.

Generator Guru says:

These covers are designed and manufactured with the view of storing your portable machinery outdoors, and particularly to keep out rain and snow. These elements can degrade the generator, especially the alternator, as when a damp or wet Alternator produces power it can overload the generator resulting in the alternator needing replacing or rebuilding.

If the machinery is kept in a low-lying area or on damp ground, we suggest you raise the machine to prevent flood water entering the bottom of the machine. Old Pallets are an inexpensive option.

They are suitable for all portable machinery and outdoor items you wish to preserve. Please select the size you require.

*Compatible part